cheque cheque [tʆek] , check noun [countable] BANKING
1. a printed form that you use to pay for something instead of using money. You write on it the amount in words and numbers, the date, the person being paid, and sign your name:

• a cheque for £200

• You can pay by cheque or credit card.

• He cashed the cheque (= exchanged it for cash ) at a High Street bank.

• He had second thoughts, and phoned his bank to stop the cheque (= tell the bank not to pay it ) .

• As long as you don't exceed the agreed limit, the bank won't bounce your cheques (= refuse to pay them because there is not enough money in your account ) .

2. float a check to write a cheque that you do not have money in the bank to pay
ˌante-dated ˈcheque , ante-dated check BANKING
a cheque on which you write a date that is earlier than the actual date
ˈbank cheque also ˈbanker's cheque , bank check BANKING
a cheque written by a bank from one of its own accounts. A customer can use a bank cheque to pay someone who will not accept a personal cheque.
ˈbearer cheque , bearer check BANKING
a cheque where the money can be paid to any person who presents it to the bank, not just to a person named on the cheque
ˌblank ˈcheque , blank check BANKING
a cheque that has been signed, but where no amount has been written in
caˈshier's ˌcheque , cashier's check BANKING
a cheque written by a bank from one of its own accounts
ˈcertified ˌcheque , certified check BANKING
a cheque that a bank promises in writing to pay:

• Only a certified cheque, cashier's cheque or bank draft is acceptable.

ˌcrossed ˈcheque BANKING
a cheque with two lines across it, and the words `account payee', showing that it can only be paid into a bank account of the person named on the cheque, and not exchanged for cash or paid into a different account; = third party check AmE:

• A crossed cheque gives some protection against fraud.

ˌdud ˈcheque , dud check BANKING
a cheque that cannot be paid because the person who wrote it has no money or not enough money in their bank account
enˌdorsed ˈcheque , endorsed check
a cheque on which the person the cheque is made out to has written someone else's name so that the other person can receive the money:

• Banks could not confirm the signature on endorsed cheques, so stolen cheques could be easily cashed.

ˌopen ˈcheque BANKING
a cheque that is not a crossed cheque. The person whose name appears on the cheque can write the name of another person on it, and the money will be paid to them
ˌpersonal ˈcheque , personal check BANKING
a cheque written by a private person, not an organization:

• Personal cheques are accepted if accompanied by a valid cheque card.

ˌpost-dated ˈcheque , post-dated check BANKING
a cheque on which you write a date that is later than the actual date
ˌstale ˈcheque , stale check BANKING
a cheque which a bank will not accept and exchange for money or payment because it was written more than a certain number of months ago
ˌthird party ˈcheck BANKING
a cheque with the name of the person it is being paid to written on it; = crossed cheque Bre
ˈtraveller's cheque , traveler's check BANKING TRAVEL
a cheque for a fixed amount that can be bought from a bank and cashed for local currency in another country:

• Lists of stolen or lost traveller's cheques are circulated to hotels.

— see also Eurocheque, paycheque

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cheque UK US UK (US check) /tʃek/ noun [C]
BANKING a printed form that you can write an amount of money on and sign in order to make a payment from your bank account: write (sb) a cheque (for sth) »

I wrote him a cheque for £50.

make out a cheque to sb »

Who should I make out this cheque to?


Please make your cheque payable to S Jones.

pay by cheque »

It is becoming increasingly unusual for people to pay by cheque.

accept/take cheques »

From next year this store will no longer take cheques.

stop a cheque »

If you suspect fraud, contact your bank and ask them to stop the cheque and ensure that it is not paid.

a cheque bounces/is bounced — Cf. a cheque is bounced
cash a cheque — Cf. cash a cheque
a cheque clears/is cleared — Cf. a cheque is cleared
See also ANTEDATE(Cf. ↑antedate), BANK-CERTIFIED CHEQUE(Cf. ↑bank-certified cheque), BANK CHEQUE(Cf. ↑bank cheque), BEARER CHEQUE(Cf. ↑bearer cheque), BLANK CHEQUE(Cf. ↑blank cheque), CASHIER'S CHEQUE(Cf. ↑cashier's cheque), CERTIFIED CHEQUE(Cf. ↑certified cheque), CROSS(Cf. ↑cross), DIVIDEND CHEQUE(Cf. ↑dividend cheque), DUD CHEQUE(Cf. ↑dud cheque), ENDORSED CHEQUE(Cf. ↑endorsed cheque), OPEN CHEQUE(Cf. ↑open cheque), PAY CHEQUE(Cf. ↑pay cheque), PERSONAL CHEQUE(Cf. ↑personal cheque), POST-DATE(Cf. ↑post-date), REBATE CHECK(Cf. ↑rebate check), RUBBER CHEQUE(Cf. ↑rubber cheque), STALE CHEQUE(Cf. ↑stale cheque), THIRD-PARTY CHEQUE(Cf. ↑third-party cheque), TRAVELLER'S CHEQUE(Cf. ↑traveller's cheque), UNCROSSED CHEQUE(Cf. ↑uncrossed cheque)

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